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Gr@vity Is An Innovative Marketing Agency With A Focus On Space.

Gr@vity Combines Marketing & Creative With Engineering & Execution To Turn The Impossible Into The Incredible
An Agency Focused On Space
Marketing for space companies isn't rocket science, but working with a marketing agency that actually understands what you are doing is essential. Gr@vity's highly-specialized one-of-a-kind team is equipped to service your marketing needs and open new commercial opportunities for your space organization.
Gr@vity is your behind the scenes strategic partner to wow your clients and prospects with out of this world marketing through space capabilities of your own.
Marketing for space companies isn't rocket science, but working with a marketing agency that actually understands what you are doing is essential.
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Intuitive Machines Sponsorship Program
Under Armour Space Marketing
Intuitive Machines Sponsorship Program
Gr@vity X Pineapple Agency
Under Armour Collaboration
Gatorade Space Marketing
Activation Ideation With Gatorade
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Identify Why Space Marketing
Space marketing requires relevance to your brand identity, marketing messaging, business development goals, and must create a value add to your spend. We work with you to identify your why using these core four elements.
Strategize & Create
Our team of marketers, engineers, and space experts create the entirety of your space marketing campaign with you. From the marketing to the space mission, we are there with you through the entire process.
The Space Marketing Activation
Now the fun begins! Whether you're a sponsor on a major mission, conducting research in a zero gravity environment, executing a satellite fly over the Super Bowl to replace the Goodyear Blimp, sending a delivery from the moon, or anything else, Gr@vity executes both the marketing and space element.
Marketing For Space Companies
Marketing for space companies requires more than just marketers asking questions, it requires in depth knowledge of what you are building. After all, space is not easy. Gr@vity takes the time to intimately understand what you are building, why, and how by including our engineers and space industry experts with our marketers during the discovery process.
Strategize & Create
After a deep intimate dive into your space company only Gr@vity's unique team is capable of, we strategize and create your marketing plan and programs.
After we deliver the marketing plan and programs, we execute on the plan and manage the programs for you.
Our Team
Gr@vity's team specialized team is made up of space-specific engineers, marketers, creatives, and business professionals to piece together all the elements of a space advertising activation.
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