Space, The Next Commercial Frontier

Gr@vity Inc. is a US based integrated agency specializing in the booming international space sector servicing marketing agencies, and space organizations.

Gr@vity Provides Specialized Space Capabilities For...
Business Development
Space Companies
For Agencies
Gr@vity Inc. provides integrated marketing agencies with space-specific commercial knowledge, expertise, and operational resources.
For Space Companies
Gr@vity's highly-specialized one-of-a-kind team is equipped to open new commercial opportunities for your space organization.
Terraformers Space Adventures
Terraformers Space Adventures is a soon to launch Web3 platform utilizing blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Space organizations and brands activating in space are provided a target audience to interact with.

Terraformers holders receive first hand access to the cutting edge of space through unique content and interactions from space organizations and brands.
Zach Zeurcher
CEO Founder
David Hurst
CTO Founder
Richard Askam
CMO Founder
A Highly Specialized Team
Gr@vity’s unique team has experience in space based engineering, technology, commercial brand marketing and business development in both B2C and B2B, creative, sponsorship marketing, product creation, social media marketing, and the metaverse. Gr@vity merges the polar opposite worlds of STEM, creative, and everything in between.
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Phone: +1 330.272.2494
201 N Illinois Street, South Tower, Floor 16
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204

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